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Thursday, January 8

101 Lifetime Goals

I’m not really a New Year’s resolutions kind of person. I prefer to make it a lifelong path to improving, experiencing and growing in all aspects of life. As I mentioned my friend recently, I too want to make myself accountable for getting all 101 lifetime goals accomplished. Some I do every year. Some need improvement. Some need their one time experiencing. Some are simply done. Those are separated out already. But here it all is! Let me know if you care to join me in a few! Or simply feel free to encourage.

101 Lifetime Goals
1) Visit all continents… except Antarctica (three down, three to go)
2) Visit all 50 states (25 down, 25 to go)
3) Continually try new things and not let fear or busy-ness stop that
4) Learn Japanese and Spanish more fluently
5) Read at least 30 new books each year, if possible from best classics’ lists only
6) Watch all of the best classic movies from Tinseltown
7) Let go of materialistic needs
8) Come up with a viable plan to help someone in dire need each year (abuse victims, genocide victims, etc)
9) Learn to control my anger from being my first response
10) Conquer an at-home pad thai recipe
11) Exercise at least four times a week
12) Learn upright styles of Ikebana
13) Return to creating art forms
14) Learn Japanese ink painting (sumi-e)
15) Let go of silly regrets and let the past be the past
16) Eat healthier on a daily basis
17) Learn to dress like a Gilmore girl
18) Drink more water
19) Save more money
20) Pay off all credit card debt
21) Skydive
22) Learn to swim without my fears
23) Practice and master yoga
24) Learn to knit more than a scarf
25) Learn to sew
26) Make my own skirts
27) Find my dream home with: a large porch/dark wooden floors/a library where you need a ladder to reach the top shelves/stained glass windows/a big kitchen
28) Finish cross-stitching Christmas stockings for Jeff’s family
29) Grow my own garden of flowers and vegetables
30) Locate all the flea markets and second hand goods stores wherever I live
31) Make sure Greg feels my love every day
32) Vacation or go camping with my extended family every year
33) Teach my kids to appreciate nature
34) Teach my kids to find their inner creativity and imagination
35) Maintain a size 12
36) Read the entire Bible
37) Learn to play an instrument at a proficient level
38) Get my husband and kids to join me in some type of charity work
39) Learn how to can food (applesauce, peaches) with my mom
40) Learn how to make wine with my mom
41) Learn how to quilt with my grandma
42) Drive an environment friendly car
43) Go hot-air ballooning
44) Take flying lessons
45) Own a bed and breakfast or a florist shop
46) Go whale watching and actually see a whale to prove their existence
47) Go on an African safari with Jen
48) Partake in La Tomatina while touring Spain
49) See the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona while touring Spain
50) Tour Vietnam and Cambodia and honor those who suffered or died there
51) Visit Australia and New Zealand for snorkeling
52) Visit the DMZ in South Korea
53) Travel to Russia
54) Scour Italy, particularly Tuscany, Florence and Vienna
55) Visit spiritual sites in India and walk along the banks of the Ganges
56) See the Great Pyramids in Egypt
57) Travel to Jerusalem to see the Wailing Wall
58) Hike Machu Picchu
59) Go camping and hiking in Patagonia
60) Visit Germany for Oktoberfest and to visit WWII sites
61) See the beautiful architecture in Switzerland and Austria
62) Tour Ireland
63) Buy a hammock for my own backyard
64) Own a beachfront cottage
65) Travel to Cuba with Jen
66) Develop a serious and regular meditation practice
67) Create an unshared nook in my home where I can nurture my inner spirit
68) Drive a scooter
69) Go bungee jumping
70) Buy a Harley
71) Zip line through a rain forest
72) Learn to take the perfect picture by learning everything about my camera
73) Learn all the words to REM’s “It’s the End of the World”
74) Witness a true miracle

Completed Goals
1) Life in a foreign country
2) Marry the love of my life
3) Finish my bachelor’s degree
4) Get a tattoo
5) Witness a birth
6) Go white water rafting
7) Go to a nude beach
8) Ride an elephant
9) Pet a tiger
10) Swim with dolphins
11) Hike the Great Wall of China
12) Go to a bull fight in Mexico City
13) Visit a Greek island
14) Visit the Parthenon
15) Drive down historic Route 66
16) Sit on the edge of the Grand Canyon
17) Party and gamble in Las Vegas
18) Go skinny dipping
19) Own a home
20) Pack everything and move far away from home for a fresh start
21) Pay a visit to the White House
22) Learn how to arrange flowers artistically
23) Go on a cruise
24) Experience Hawaii
25) Hold a tarantula with my bare hands
26) Have children
27) Re-up my CPR certification


Anonymous said...

You can move "experience a true miracle" to the completed list - you have experienced the truest of miracles - Ethan!


Kristen said...

I agree with Michele. I thought the same thing when I saw that!! Watching him discover the world around him is the truest and BEST miracle there is. It will make you look at the world in a totally different way. As for the cross stitching..I can help you there! Lol!

Mike S said...

Yup! I'll agree with them on the miracle!!

As for the rest, started to keep track but gave up as did so many things on the list. Had a list of 100 at age 18 or so. Done 96 of them, but the last four aspirations are fading rather fast.

Still got:
1)win 1 race at top division of any professional series. The Daytona 500 or Formula One hopes are beginning to really fade now.

2)win Tour de France.(also fading a bit)

3)space flight(any length), still holding onto this one a few more years.

4)learn to speak our tribal language fluently, working on this one every day.

Was thinking of adding more, but then I figured that most folks don't get this far. Also done a lot of non-listed stuff. Guess anything from here on out is 'gravy'!! Perhaps the list completions were my miracle. That & kids & grandkids.