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Thursday, December 6

Things My Husband Told Me About My New Home

Moving around comes with my husband's job.  That moving has its pluses.  And it has its minuses.  We left Japan, found ourselves back in familiar Washington, DC and then were lucky enough to get to move to somewhat familiar Newport, RI for a year.  This location couldn't have been more perfect.  Not only are we in one of the most beautiful places in the United States, but we are also near my husband's family for the first time.  We knew our time was limited here coming into it.  As excited as I was about being in Newport, I have to admit that the next step has me a bit thrilled and a bit scared to death, all at the same time.

As you might have noticed from the new blog title, we are heading to Singapore!  Far East Asia... and I mean about as far onto the opposite side of the Earth from our family and friends that you can get.  Yikes.

What really freaked me out, beyond realizing how far my family would be for a few years, are the few initial facts my husband threw out to me on the fay we found out:

1. It shouldn't be a surprise if you see a massive monitor hanging out in the backyard.  The kids will love that.  I, on the other hand, just plain don't.

2. The international school is one of the best in the world.  Which doesn't matter for another year, but we are always planning ahead for our children.

3. We are one degree away from the equator.  Which equals damn hot. 

4. There are two seasons - hot and monsoon.  There goes all the compliments I receive on my hair.

5. The flight there is 13-14 hours from DC to Tokyo and another 6 hours on to Singapore.  With two kids.  Joy.

6. And this is the one that really made me jump up and down in excitement... we get to travel to yet more places I only dreamed I would ever see.  Bali, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia.  Maybe even New Zealand if we feel up to a more than a few hours flight.  There is a bridge off the island into Malaysia, so I guess we should count that as places I will visit too.  Road tripping to Kuala Lumpur anyone?

7. There is air conditioning.  Thank God.

And there is so much more to learn.  So much more to come.

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