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Wednesday, November 1

Ikebana Arrangement #10

Every week on Wednesday, I get all dressed up and go to my Ikebana class. It gives me at least one opportunity every week to look more stellar than my usual yoga pants and Ralph Lauren sweatshirt that I wear more days in a row than I should. I make an extra effort also because the Japanese women in my class typically can be found in a jacket and skirt ensemble. While I don't go that far, I do my share to keep up and usually plan my outfit by Monday morning so all can be laid out and ironed and ready for me to hop into as I am always running late. Nothing new to most of you. This hitch of mine has quite improved as I really only have one set commitment a week and don't have a single excuse why then to be late. Except to say that maybe it's my mother's fault. This is all very beside the point.

Today, I had plans to eat lunch with a friend prior to class. Ramen. I have no idea how the Japanese do it... but slurping noodles automatically means that the juice will splash all over my face and clothes. Today was no exception. The perfect outfit I planned? Ruined when I had to ditch the jacket for the spots of red and brown kimchi/beef juice it now shamefully wore.

And I spent class cold. Time to initiate a new campaign... Just say no to noodles.

Horizontal Style - Arrangement #10

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