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Thursday, December 7

High-School Sized Hats I Have Worn These Weeks

The Spanish hat. The US History hat. The Shop hat. The Japanese hat. And the Algebra hat. None of them fit me very well beyond the History hat but I did what I could. One of the students even told her regular teacher that my class was fun. That was Algebra and he wanted to know what I had done. Perhaps it was when I tripped on a chair and fell on top of a poor freshman boy while walking with my face stuck in a book trying desperately to figure out a logical answer to so-called scholarly nonsense I have long left behind because it couldn't possibly be the lesson I gave.

Next week I try on an Elementary hat for the first time. God help me.

1 comment:

Jack said...

I was hoping to see pictures of the hats you wore. Shame that most didn't fit. One of my pet peeves is the "one size fits none".
I'd especially like to have seen your Algebra hat; former Math teacher here.
Best of luck in your adventures.