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Thursday, April 12

Wino Lessons 101

Wow. Who knew trying to follow up a post filled with lots of penises would be so hard. I feel like I’ve hit my culminating event here in Japan and there simply is nothing left to do/see/share.

I kid. There is plenty more to do/see/share. But one has to go out and do it to share it. That, my friends, is something I haven’t been much interested in the past week. It’s spring break here for me so no substituting, but at the same time, it is the first week of a new semester of online classes which happens to overlap with the last semester by three weeks. So every day since Sunday has been spent with my derriere firmly planted on my uncomfortable computer chair and swimming through reading and essay writing for six classes. While I have achieved the status of brain dead every day by five, it hasn’t been so bad. Now next week will be another story. Next week I am back to working every day with an Ikebana International meeting thrown in for good measure (which I don’t feel it is acceptable to miss since I just took the Board position and all). Then I have my six classes on top of that. If you see me next week, please smack me with something hard which will perhaps my common sense back into action.

There is one thing I did want to share about last weekend however. Kimono Hubby and I took ourselves out for a lovely Italian dinner at Napoli Pizzeria Cantina which affords the diner a beautiful view of Mount Fuji over the Zushi beach. Unfortunately, the sky was gray and hazy which completely obscured the mountain view. The food was absolutely fabulous. However I feel that there should be a warning here… if you are ordering wine at this particular Japanese Italian restaurant and the waitress asks you more than three times if you want two glasses for the Chianti you are pointing to in a floundering effort to order while insisting that you really do only need one glass, please know that you are ordering a whole damn bottle. For yourself. Oh, yes, I did. And oh, how I tried to finish it all by my lonesome. We even ordered dessert just to give me time to throw back another two glasses. In the end, you just can’t (and oh my, you shouldn’t) chug wine. Unless it comes in a box. ‘Cuz everybody knows that box wine is for chuggin’!

What a truly classy American I am.

One other clue for those of you winos in Japan, you may not be able to read the name of the item you wish to order, but you can read numbers, can’t you? So next time… read the price and get a clue! Dumb ass. Okay, perhaps that was really only a tip to myself. I need to write these things down to remember.


Mike S said...

Another of life's little lessons inscribed indelibly on your brain:)

Kimono Karen said...

I just found out recently that I have become somewhat of a local hero thanks to my efforts on that bottle. Of course, now I fear showing my face in there again.