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Tuesday, January 8

Japanese Peculiarities #3

Like I said, my goals for the New Year do include eating healthier. Yet there are a few leftovers from 2007 in my house than need some serious consuming before the whole healthy thing can happen. These goods are some of the more odd things I have come across in my time here. Sure, I expected to see lots of fish and octopus as a snack in various states… dried, miniature, made into chips, made into crackers, made with nuts, made with wasabi, made into various jellied states… but what I wasn’t prepared for, nor expecting, is what they did to some of the classics, also known as some of my life long favorite buds.

Pringles! Totally delicious, no? Pringles Winter Cheese Fondue flavor? Not so much. Chocolate should be a no brainer. Just don’t mess with it. Yet, there is about any flavor chocolate here imaginable. I’ve tried about all of them. Meiji makes some incredibly odd chocolate concoctions. My impression, Meiji? Stick with chocolate flavor, slap some PB and caramel in with it and call it a day, please.

Actually, I can’t complain too much. Some aren’t that bad. I actually like Meiji’s grape chocolate, even if I haven’t been able to find another bar of it in the year since I last sampled it. The strawberry chocolate bar… not as horrific as I thought it would be… combining two of my favorite things in the world was risky on your part. Now, the mushroom chocolate? Good God. What were you people thinking?

And as for you Kit-Kat, well you people may be some of the most popular chocolatiers here in Japan, but you have some serious crazy going on up in those heads of yours. I’ll give you this – cantaloupe Kit-Kat or banana or even the red azuki bean Kit-Kat… you people are surprisingly rockin’ that crazy. On the other hand, kitto katsu (kind of saying “you will surely win!”)… my ass. Maccha Milk, Green Tea and Fruit Parfait were just never meant to hang with chocolate, wafer and PB boys.

All this talk about junk food is making me hungry. Damn goals. Now leave me alone will I devour my Vanilla Bean kitto katsu, will you?


Anonymous said...

I've been getting Japanese Kit Kat since I found out about them. My very favorite is Green Tea Kit Kat. I had the Peach not long ago and while it may have tasted like Peach somewhat, I didn't care for it. Vanilla Bean was good but I didn't taste much different from the various Milk Kit Kats.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one who loved Pringles!!!


Anonymous said...

What about the cookies?? The awesome cookies....I dream about them!! Bring home a green tea kit kat for your brother!! He will love it!

ablykins said...

I'm a KitKat nut! I've got a KitKat collection spanning over 60 different flavors...and I have to agree with you, some are just down right nasty- pumpkin, apple, banana...yuck. I have to say I'm a fan of the green tea and also the new cookies and milk. I'm just so facinated by all the stuff they come up with!!