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Wednesday, April 9


For those of you doubters about the effects of Japan’s infamous fertility festival, two years of going will indeed work. Granted, make sure you rub a few of the phallic statues and say a good, long pray or two in the religion of your choice. As of today, I am nine weeks and one day along and counting on a new addition at the beginning of November. I hesitated to mention this before, but today I got my first solid confirmation that all is going as planned. The ultrasound gave Kimono Hubby and I a great shot of the Kimono Critter, complete with a nice, strong whoosh, whooshing heartbeat. While the midwife doubts it, we swear KC threw us the first gang sign with his/her little nubs for arms. Perhaps she is right… but it was confirmed that the wee one wiggled.

While my antics about Japan had recently slowed in light of this tiny (and heaven-sent!) development (and thanks to a few extra moments spent with a god of the porcelain variety… not due to the consumption of adult beverages… I’m not that kind of future mom), fear not. I’m already picking up speed again and getting back out there. My little brother is coming to Japan soon and I intend to do it up right with him! Or at least take him everywhere that he can do it up right and I will just drag along behind him trying not to whine too much about the interruption to my afternoon nap times.


Anonymous said...

Here's to Kimono Critter!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Are you sure it's down to the phallus festival?


Anonymous said...

yay!!! how awesome is that!!!


Lisa said...

Gang signs *snort* You're too much! You know, you're referring to this wee-one as KC, so hhhmmmm, are you going to end up calling it Casey (which can go in either gender direction) just because you spent 9 months referring to it as such and suddenly can't imagine calling it anything else?

(Ummm...yeah, the more I say it, it's not my favorite moniker.)

Nicky said...

I woke-up this morning thinking of you. I remembered Kimonokaren and gave it a try. Then I read this exciting news. I'm very happy for you. I need your email address. When you get this, please respond. I can't tell you how I'm bubbling over for you. Take care.


Kimono Karen said...

Thanks all!

Nicky - I have been dying to get in touch with you and just hadn't gotten around to snail mail yet. Email me at! I would love to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That is awesome!