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Wednesday, May 21

Japanese Peculiarities #4

So it is the rainy season here in Japan. Or one of the two anyway. So please somebody tell me… why oh why, on the days when it is pouring the hardest, do you still have to plaster your face up against the glass doors of any Japanese establishment to get them to begin their automatic opening? And let me add that we are talking about the world’s slowest automatic doors. It isn’t even just on the rainy days, though those do make it even more maddening, but pretty much every day that I run into this little occurrence. At the pace that the average person moves when in stride, be it at the conbini, a restaurant or otherwise, it simply is inconvenient and annoying to have to stop that pace, and always midstep, at every door just to wait for the entrance to begin its opening slide. I would just like to know… why.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I would assume the door's motion sensor is set that way so that the million other people who pass that door every day don't trigger the "open" switch for naught.