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Sunday, February 1

In the news today - Mount Asama

In the past couple of weeks, we have had quite the increase in earthquakes. Of course, many earthquakes happen every day when you live on part of the Pacific rim of fire where about a hundred active volcanoes sit, but we don’t feel most of the shakes from them. However, in the past three days, I have felt four that I vividly recall. The thing it, it doesn’t really worry me anymore. Not like those first days in Japan anyway. Now, I simply pick up the baby and head a little closer to the well-framed front door area just in case we need to make our getaway. Mostly I've just gotten pretty lax about the whole thing.

Moments ago, my husband sent me an email that told me a small volcano erupted 90 miles northwest of Tokyo early this morning. I immediately checked the papers who, until moments ago, only had articles about how one of the most active volcanoes in the region, Mount Asama, was preparing to erupt and causing all the recent shakes I’ve been feeling. The eruption alert level in that area had been raised to a higher level. Lo and behold, Mt Asama did indeed go to it.

Nothing major happened here except for the shakes… which woke the baby. Damn you, Mother Nature.

My point to this post? After three years of living in Japan and countless earthquakes logged, this is my first actual eruption. Is it wrong for me to think “Cool!” and not something along more sympathetic or humbled-by-the-power-of-nature lines?

UPDATE: As of tonight, my husband finally clued me in to what was all over the Japa Capa this morning... volcanic ash! The hell?? Now that's a first for me. Apparently, we have a fine mist of it covering everything outside. People! We are over a 100 miles from the eruption! I knew the earthquakes were a result of Mount Asama activity, but who knew we would get the back wash of the event too.


Momo-Mama said...

I think you have to live in (or spend extended time in) Japan to really appreciate how commonplace the earthquakes are.

It's funny becasue when I am in my small beachtown in California, small earthquakes give me the willies, but when I am in Japan and experience a 5.0 + , I feel safer (must be the advanced retrofitting they do).

p.s. the tmeple you commented on in my pics was in Asakusa

Anonymous said...

You might want to wear face masks to filter out any volcanic ash. I've read they are like little pieces of glass, not like the ash from burning wood.

Kristen said...

Your brother wanted to fly over as soon as he heard about everything going on! He is upset he missed it!

ablykins said...

Glad to hear you guys are fine and didn't have trouble with the earthquake! I was so alarmed when I heard about the erruption! Here in Guam, the erruption caused such nasty waves and unnaturually high tides in some areas. My favorite local beach is still recovering from the damage the waves caused... :-( Hopefully that volcano has had its fun and will go back to sleep for a while longer. lol

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