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Saturday, May 16


Boy oh boy, do I have much to blog about.

I should really get on that.

And stop being such a slacker.

Se here goes with, at the very least, the first bit…

While this may not be very interesting to anyone reading this blog, it is pretty darn interesting to me. And since this forum is essentially my way of documenting my time in Japan, I’m writing about it! On May 3rd, Ikebana International Kamakura Chapter, the cultural organization that I have been a part of for my past three years here, two of which were spent on the Board, has been dedicated as a Friendship Society to the U.S. Naval Base in Yokosuka. What this means is basically that the Japanese and Americans who are part of the organization are forever ‘tied’ to one another. Well, we hope so anyway in that neither side’s leaders will ever go ballistic again and hurt the other and irrevocably sever these ties. What it also means is that we got to have a beautiful cherry tree dedication and stone monument placed on naval base grounds. And we got to have a party! Who doesn’t love a good party?

The day was all about honoring the past history of Japanese and American cultural exchange and looking forward to a continuing friendship for all time. In honor of this, past president’s of the Kamakura Chapter, as well as of Headquarters located in Tokyo, were invited to the celebration. Captain Daniel Weed, the CO of the base also attended the ceremony, giving a touching speech and shoveling the first mounds onto the cherry tree. I shoveled a few in there myself.

And now the baby is awake and crying so there will be no more blogging for today. Maybe tomorrow. Ahhh… who am I kidding? Next week. Or so.


Anonymous said...

No Karen, you may think this is not interesting to anyone else, I am just so fascinated by your writing. I have been following your journey for a few months now and it is truly amazing. I am glad I am not there, but you younger guys have more of a spirit of adventure than your older cousins. I have passed this on to Roz and I am sure she will be fascinated as well. You enjoy all those adventures while you can. I do remember where we all were 5 years ago in May. What a great time with your dad footing the bill. HA HA. Have a great time and maybe we will see each other soon. Cousin Judy S from Gettysburg

Kimono Karen said...

Wow! Judy is reading this? I feel like a rock star! Glad you are enjoying my stories. We love it here! I know how very blessed I am to have the opportunity. But I do admit to missing you all back home... so much! Hope I get to see you when we are in town next! Send my hellos to everyone at home.