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Wednesday, December 2

Yabusame: Round Two

Let me be completely upfront and say that this post is going to be mostly pictoral. Every year, there is a yabusame parade and then event on the beach in Zushi. (Learn more about it in this older post.) We had gone our first year here, but had been busy for the past two. This year, we thought it might be something that the Peanut would enjoy seeing. I mean, there are big horses with colorful riders on top and they run really fast. I know he is still wee and doesn’t get most things, but I thought the visual would be fun for him. Alas, I was mistaken.

We got there early enough to get a parking spot directly across the street. It was cold, but we were (I thought) sufficiently bundled. Just like last time when I thought we had dressed warmly enough, alas, I was mistaken again. I was fine. KH was fine. But KP was like a popsicle fifteen minutes into our time there. We put him on top of his daddy’s shoulders for the best view, but all he would do was sit up there, looking surly and throwing out fantastic screeches every so often. We thought, maybe it will get better when the event begins. Alas, we were mistaken yet again.

We waited long enough to watch the only girl I have ever seen trained to do this make her first bolt down the beach. I thought she hit all three targets, but KH said she didn’t. Who knows. We had had enough of the screeching and KH was already on his way to the car with the baby, before the commentators could ever give out the score.

At least we saw it once, I thought as we were leaving. And at least there is hot chocolate at home. Alas…


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...even the photos look cold (though not as cold as freezing England at present) And there was no hot chocolate either? Oh dear..:-(

Love your blog though - have you thought about getting your Japanese neighbour to write something or interviewing her? Would be interesting to see her take on things.

Hope you're going to keep writing into the new year.

Happy Holidays!

Kimono Karen said...

My neighbor is very sweet and lets me ask her JUST ABOUT any question, but in the end she is very Japanese and very reserved. Certain topics are just off limits. I have thought about asking her, but the language barrier sometimes is a problem and I would hate to misinterpret what she said and then post it to the world. So for now, I stick with whatever nonsense I learn and hope people realize that even though I have lived here for some time, I am still learning every single day.

Thank you so much for reading, Wembley! I appreciate the comments too!

Hope your new year is a good one,