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Sunday, February 28

Japanese Peculiarities #10

Apparently Kimono Peanut and I are not the only ones taking advantage of every warm and sunny day lately.  While out walking today, we came across many carts filled with... babies.  That's right, kids of all sizes, ranging probably in the age group of 1 to 5, peering out over the tops of these metal carts that they are being hauled around in. 

While I am no expert in what these babies-in-carts are doing, I am guessing that the local daycares take the kids out for their daily dose of Vitamin D this way.  And since pushing multiple strollers would be impossible (even those strollers that seat two kids side-by-side are utterly ridiculous to own here in Japan), they put them in these cart contraptions.  But here is what I don't get - why not just fence in an area and let them run free for a bit?  The answer there probably lies in the fact that there is such a small amount of spacing available for those kinds of daycare places to be squeezed into here in town.  Then I thought, maybe it is a kid delivery service!  But nah, they move way too slow.  If I was babysitting that many wee ones, you can bet your booty that I would be hustling faster than that to get rid of them and call it a day.  This brings me back to my only logical conclusion that it is a simple daily walk. 

I just find it completely strange because of the places I have seen them.  There has got to be better scenery to walk by than the busy car, bike, scooter and people filled streets. 

Whatever they are doing, babies in carts amuses me greatly.  These kids are checking out a gas station.  Woot!

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