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Friday, November 16

For those who ever mocked the Japa Capa

I filled up the Capa’s gas tank for the first time today since Saturday, October 13th. The total to fill it? $24.18. For those of you who are counting… that is 35 days of driving pleasure on one tank of gas that cost a mere two thirds of what I would spend in one week when I was in DC. Take that, my mocking American friends, driving American gas-guzzling hogs. I shall never again return to the land of the guzzler. I’ve been spoiled forever by my funny-looking, but very cheaply run, Japanese automobile.


Mike S said...

If you're gonna drive, can you send us the public transit systems? We don't even have taxis here inna woods!

Heather Meadows said...

Tiny cars rule! I currently drive a Yaris hatchback, and love it, but I would definitely go smaller!

Kimono Karen said...

I'm not giving up the trains! But for travels to the world of the American base, the Capa is a necessary evil.

Heather, I checked out the Yaris. I'm loving it! Toyopet is the company here. I am taking one of those babies with me back to the states some day.