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Sunday, November 4


Taking a break from studying for finals next week, we headed out for dinner with some friends last night to Katsu’s Restaurant and Bar here in Zushi. Arriving there, we were told there were no English menus and without pictures or plastic food to point at, we were left to the mercy of the one waitress with a good grasp of the English language. (Later, this waitress even went on to express her wonder and question how so many gaijin had even heard about this place that was off the beaten path for the usual foreign explorer. She was thrilled to hear that our Japanese realtor had pimped them out.)

“On our menu…,” she started to run down the list, “we have fish. We have risotto. We have pizza. We have pasta.”

With that glowing recommendation, we ordered the fish, the risotto, the pizza and the pasta.

Any other specifics we left to the choice of the waitress and her favorites.

The fish turned out to be a red snapper sashimi salad. The pizza was the traditional Japanese pizza with sauce and mozzarella on crust that resembles a wafer. The risotto was a rich and creamy gorgonzola. The pasta was a linguini with red clam sauce. And a second fish dish came to our table, grilled to perfection with Enoki mushrooms and a tasty glaze adding to the fresh flavor. All of which were portioned for the four of us to share and all were truly excellent.

Topped with several Asahi beers, we finished our meal and braced ourselves. You see… ordering like this means you have no idea what the final bill will be. At 18000 Yen (about $80 a couple), this was a pricey meal. Totally worth it, but not a place we will be eating at so casually in the future.


Heather Meadows said...

So does this mean that unlike me, you don't obsessively take pictures of your food? Or have you just not uploaded them yet?


Sounds like a fun evening :)

Mike S said...

Sounds soooooo nice!!! 'Mystery Price' Japan meals are always fun and usually great:)

Lisa said...

My 7th and 8th grade science teacher was Japanese and his last name was Katsu. Wonder if that's a common name like Smith is here? Anyhow, nice guy...he used to eat his beard. Yep, you read that right. He would pluck hairs from his sparse beard and eat them. Used to freak the crap out of me. I'm going to have a nightmare about this and KH, eating at Katsu's and you're served a heaping plate of my science teacher's beard....BLECH!!!

Kimono Karen said...

I usually do take pictures of my food! But when with friends, I try to bring as much 'normal' with me as possible. It's so hard.

Lisa - that is one of the most disgusting stories I have ever heard. Nice.