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Saturday, July 26

Some Ikebana Smatherings

It's been a busy week here as I am still preparing for the in-laws visit and also have been constructing I.I. Kamakura Chapter's yearbook. That alone is a huge undertaking as I am doing the entire thing on my own. The president of our chapter sits with me as I work through formatting, helping me to pick out the pictures she wants to see on each month's page. I really like this kind of work as it is so similar to my last job back in DC. To this day, I still really miss that job. At least this is giving me a bit of that old creative license, again allowing something I have created to actually be seen by a large group of people. Plus, I get a little tagline on the back page that gives design credit all to little old me. See? Fun!

Okay, maybe not for most people. Which is actually how I got the job. At our final Board meeting, volunteers were asked for. The Japanese ladies looked scared stiff and kept their arms down at their sides as tightly as possible. One other American lady did volunteer, but she is welcoming her own new baby next month, so she has had her hands full with those preparations and didn't get to help after all. Every person on that board has been so grateful that I took up the challenge. That alone makes all the effort and the trouble totally worthwhile.

I did however make it to Kozan class this week and thought I would share that arrangement. Sensei brought materials to create more modern Kozan arrangements this time. This time I managed to let the Japanese ladies pick first even though it killed me to because I knew they would pick the gorgeous deep purple calla lily flowers. White is still lovely though! Here was the result. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
Came across your Blog by chance when I was searching for Ikebana classes! I am new to this country...came here 3 weeks back. I stay in Nishi Kasai. I am also interested in learning Japanese art forms and wanted to know where I would be able to join ikebana classes. If possible do send me an email to with some info.
And hey! I dont know much about ikebana but I really liked ur arrangements :)!