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Sunday, September 7

Sweating, Coughing, and I’m a Snoozing

While I don’t want this to become a pregnancy blog or mommy blog, not that they are bad, but just not what I set out to do, I just don’t have much else to report these days. My touring around has been curbed unless I can go by car, which really hinders exploring for two major reasons… outrageously expensive or no parking and the fact that I have no idea on street directions. Frankly, if I don’t take the train in Japan, I just don’t go. How odd to only know your way around a country through the train network. And, in the case that you are wondering why I am skipping on the train… well, it is still damn hot here. Still in the upper 80s to 90s and there is a definite humidity that still clouds the air. With my lungs being shoved somewhere inbetween my shoulder blades these days, I just don’t have the lung capacity for all that walking in such heat. I truly can’t wait for October when the weather is about perfect for me.

Because of these things, weekends are pretty lame around the Kimono house. My dear husband does keep me entertained, but we are talking more low key like dinner out at one of our favorite places here in Zushi (like the water wheel soba place we hit this weekend… I can’t read the name as you can tell) and then a movie back at home.

There was one wonderful thing that did happen this weekend within our very own walls… KH put up the crib! While this may be nothing to you, it meant a huge deal to me. It means that I no longer look at an entirely empty room. There is now a crib decorated with quilted nautical bedding in a pattern using navy blue, sky blue and white. There is a mobile, and a diaper stacker filled with tiny diapers from the diaper cake my amazing sister-in-law had put together for my shower back in June. Oh, and all the tiny stuffed animals he has received as gifts so far… lots of teddy bears and frogs and one goofy looking goose… are tucked into the corners. I must admit that since the crib has been constructed, I go into that room and stare around even more than I did when it was just one closet filled to the gills with boxes and tiny clothes. I simply can’t believe that nine weeks from now, we are adding to this family the most precious gift we as humans can give ourselves… a darling little boy. I realize I should probably be past this my-mind-is-blown stage, but it seems to be sticking around much longer than I expected.

I did apparently give myself one other little gift this weekend. You may recall my mention of downing Robitussin every 4 hours, six times a day for the past week and a half. Well, it wasn’t working on the cough and seemed to be getting worse… as in moving towards the maybe you have walking pneumonia or something equally horrifying to a preggo girl. Not being one for doctor’s or wanting to be one of those worry wart people, I kept refusing to call. That is, until KH got mad enough to really give me a reaming. After hacking through three phone calls with the hospital, the charge nurse finally couldn’t stand the sound of it anymore and squeezed me in on Friday for an appointment with the doctor. I have tried so hard to make this a medicine free pregnancy, even though there are some things that are considered safe. It still worries me. But frankly, there are times when you just gotta do, what you gotta do. What I deemed lethal in my mind (those previous routine Robitussin shots and the very rare Tylenol) was nothing compared to what the doctor prescribed. I can’t even bring myself to mention everything he put me on, but I can assure you that I thoroughly researched each and every one before I consumed one pill or spoon full. Only one problem, I must have waited too long to get help. In the wee hours of Saturday morning, I was waking every hour (even on codeine) for a good coughing session that now leant me these sharp pains. Unbearable pains. Again, I didn’t do much about it for the day, other than double over clutching at my stomach with each cough and take a glance at what the trusty internet said about it. Apparently KH did too, because by Sunday, he was once again all over me to call the hospital. Did you know how easy it is to break a rib from severe coughing when you are pregnant? Something about no room for lungs, baby, ribs, yada yada yada. By afternoon, I was back on the phone and received a diagnosis for costal chondritis. Seriously thinking they were making it up, I again took to the internet. Apparently it is real. And painful. And there isn’t too damn much that can be done about it. Tylenol and those hot sticky pads. Of which I have done neither. At this point, I’m just hoping I can conquer the cough and finally move on with my life.

So what was my point? Oh yeah, we haven’t done crap lately in regards to getting out there and experiencing something noteworthy to talk about. I feel bad taking my hack out and about into Japan, land of masks, of which I don’t ever see myself using unless we are hit with some biochemical crisis like you see in the movies. Plus, it’s hot. So instead, I am feeding my blog with this drivel.

Okay. You got me. I’m just lame these days. Gah.


Anonymous said...

First, Caroline will be 5 in a few weeks and I still have "my-mind-is-blown" moments! Second, I hope that cough lets up - you need a break!

Kimono Karen said...

I am glad to hear that those moments stick around for a long, long time. I'm looking forward to that!

The cough is indeed being alleviated and will hopefully be gone within a few more days. I'm feeling more like myself each day! Well, a very big version of myself anyway. :)