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Thursday, January 11

Care For A Spot Of Tea?

Just what would one do if they found out that the class research paper deadline got move back a whole week? They would pack up for the day and head over to hang out with their friend Russia eating a lunch topped with imported chocolates and drinking tea! A lunch that included homemade bread and cucumbers done the Japanese way by slicing them lengthwise, splashing soy on them and topped with dried fish bits – much better than you probably think it sounds.

Now I am back home and debating if I should simply call it a day and go start dinner or if I actually should write at least a paragraph of my paper. I’m opting towards dinner.

Where precisely did this procrastination come from and how can I make it go back to wherever it came from? Well?

Guess I’ll have to worry about that tomorrow.

One other thing that procrastinator would do? She would schedule that trip to Sapporo for the 58th Ice Festival to celebrate the successful completion of the classes she has yet to successfully complete. How can anyone honestly expect her to focus for the next three weeks with that light at the end of the tunnel?

1 comment:

Mike S said...

Go for it!! Next year it may be too warm:)