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Sunday, January 28

Finals Prayer

Finals begin in exactly five hours. One today. One Wednesday and the last on Thursday. I wish I had a lucky shirt. Or hat. Or even some stupid socks. Instead all I have are one of those big ‘ole invisible dunce caps stuck firmly to my noggin.

This is the first time I have taken a final in six years! I’ve had a perpetual headache for about a week and my stomach has decided to voice its apprehension into the mounting complexities. I certainly hope this trauma is worth it in the end.

Please send “happy, happy, joy, joy” thoughts my way!

Or if you are extra kind, perhaps a simple flask of vodka that would fit into my unlucky socks and improve their fortune?


Mike S said...

I found Suntory Whisky was good for calming nerves:)

Charchris said...

Heres something

Anonymous said...

good luck!!