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Friday, January 19

A Little Tip

Should you ever be so inclined to not pass up those adorable blue-green Ralph Lauren cargo pants thinking they would be great to wear for subbing... And should you be so inclined to not wash them before wearing them because you just know they are clean and you are very lazy like that… Do not be surprised when you are walking around the classroom with your hands stuffed in your pockets for warmth and you pull them out to point to something for a student only to you realize that you are smurf-matizing right in front of an entire class of freshmen’s eyes.

Once your new blush has stopped competing with the color of your hands, calmly shove your hands into your armpits and keep them there for the next hour. You can wash them once the laughter subsides, as the students are leaving the room after the bell.

A tip from me to you… just don’t buy the damn blue-green pants no matter how damn cheap you think they are.

Oh and when you go home that night? You can say a prayer that you were wearing matching blue-green underwear as you spend the next half hour scrubbing die off the length of your very stupid legs.

1 comment:

Mike S said...

KK, if you'd ever been through a textile mill or garment factory, you'd never again NOT wash things 1st. They're some of the filthiest, dustiest, environments on earth.