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Tuesday, January 16

Proper Techniques To Be Used For Superior Avoidance Skills

One more paper to go. And I’ll be damned if I can find any motivation to start. With three down (and pretty darn good, I might add… particularly the one on the 1920s being a decade of downfall rather than the commonly held prosperity notions), I just can’t stand the thought of writing anything more than emails to my friend BB about the new Japanese socks I just sent her. Pretty, no?

*socks chillin'

*socks getting ready to eat some rice

*socks giving their Arlington gang sign

I am open to suggestions as to any other activities that I could do in place of starting on this last paper which will have me evaluating the crisis management and wartime leadership of Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy and Nixon. So far I have cleaned out my file cabinet and done all the shredding that has laid on the floor for two months, made the bed and then lay there spacing on it for a good twenty minutes, hung up all of the clothes laying on the floor in my closet that didn’t make the final suitcase cut on our trip to the states in mid-December, done the laundry which should have been done last week, read all of my favorite blogs, researched for my upcoming trip to Sapporo, tried to get a few people to chat on Skype with me so my hands would not be free for paper typing and revised my resume to be ready for that job in two more years I will need to hunt for. I've even cleaned the toilets. Who does that to avoid writing a simple paper?

Now I sit here pouring more gratuitous drivel into the internet, the last thing that the monster ever needs. But I am brain dead and that is just going to have to suffice for today.

I can tell you a story about subbing yesterday. First grader asks to go to the restroom and I agree as we are inbetween activities. Minutes tick by and she doesn’t return which not only I noticed but a few other very helpful students have as well and have reminded me every ten seconds. Just when I am about to send one of the other students on the manhunt, a teacher comes by with our missing citizen. Seems she was hiding behind the bathroom door. When I pulled her aside and asked her why she told me that she couldn’t “find a way to explain it to me.” Thanks, kid. I knew my days were often largely filled with confusion, pointedly fixed with blank stares, but I didn’t know a 6-year-old would be able to point that state of bewilderment out.

I think I have finally run out of things to do as avoidance and am now going to attempt this paper. If anyone in the states can’t sleep tonight, I will keep my Skype open… just in case you feel like talking.

*images and their descriptions thanks to the lovely BB


kuroirodo said...

well, what to do on your free time. I´m study computer engineer, and now, i´m working on a local newspaper ( ), basicly all my day it's work, but on my free time, i like to play soccer on my computer (winning Eleven), anyway, also like to plan some project's, right now, i'm trying to do some photographyc magazine, so, i'll guess that if you starting to make some project's on future, it will keep you busy...
or you just can relax and enjoy some fresh air...

Mike S said...

It's not truly avoidance if you end up doing it in the end. I believe that's just plain old everyday procrastination. I should know, being a Master Practitioner of the craft of positive postponement(I postively postpone everything I can:)