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Wednesday, August 30

Ikebana Improvement

Just returned from Ikebana class number two. Things went much better this time, I am very glad to say. No tears of frustration this time. No mass confusion about what to do next. No thoughts of running from the room and hidding in the bathroom at all!

Since this is only my second lesson, Sensei asked me to create the same design as last week, the Moribana Upright. The only part I struggled with was the very beginning but even on this, I feel that next week I will be a lot more confident. I understand now how to choose my first pieces and no longer feel that I need kindergarten hand least in this respect. I also understand placement of each piece much better now.

When I completed today's assignment, Sensei told me is was beautiful and only moved one little piece. She said "understanding improved" which I will take as the biggest compliment ever as last week I didn't seem to understand a single stupid thing that woman said.

I actually almost chickened out in going back. I am definitely a high flight risk when I am feeling insecure and small. But as I have mentioned before, this is one of the many things I long to change about myself. Though I dragged my feet and *shocking!* was late in getting there... I did it.

And while I was there, I signed up and paid for the whole next month. The thought of losing money is always a strong motivator for me. I'm just finally learning to use that information wisely and not as frivolously as I used to.

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