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Tuesday, August 15

What I Am Not Going To Talk About

This has been a very boring week so far. I have done much! But nothing that is even remotely interesting to share. Oh! Except last night I caught my first glimpse of Mt. Fuji from the restaurant we ate at in Zushi. As we sat there scratching our heads at first trying to determine if it was a cloud that resembled Fuji in the setting sunlight or if we were seeing the real big kahuna... well, we believe we saw it anyway. Mt. Fuji viewing is said to be much better in the winter when the hot haze that hangs around all season has finally cleared the air.

But on to things I am not going to talk about today...

1. Signed up with the Red Cross and will be doing orientation this week. They are going to have me helping in establishing a Disaster Action Team. Guess I need to learn to not start running scared when I see that first monster typhoon heading our way. Just grab a tree and hang on instead?

2. Signed up for Ikebana (Japanese floral design - a significant art in this culture) classes. Starting tomorrow. Let's hope I still have a little artistic talent left deep inside. I don't want to get that icky feeling you get during a pedicure when you just know that all of the ladies are laughing at you and mocking your nasty trickies in their foreign language.

3. Having trouble finding the club info I am looking for after much searching. It's just some wives that get together and go traveling and other fun stuff while the other halves go to work to finance their entertainment. I think they are intentionally hiding their information on the internet so I can't find them. Guess I still am not wanted in the In-Crowd.

4. Took care of ordering Sumo tickets for the big tournament in Tokyo this September. I know someone who wanted a Sumo outfit and I might be able to help him out when I yank it off of one of the wrestlers at the tournament.

5. Might have found a house to live in and finally extricate myself from the hell I currently reside in. Am very afraid to jinx it at this early stage. If it all goes down, I'll let you know. And I'll pass out the address over the internet so you can all come and kill me dead in my sleep just like my husband has always feared would happen since I started writing this blog.

And that's what I am not telling you about.

Am not dead. Yet. Am not lazy. Mostly.

But Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince requires all of my attention for the rest of today so I can finish it. Three days flat. And it would have only been two if someone in the room last night (not naming any names *ahem* Kimono Hubby) hadn't yelled at me to turn the light off and go to sleep like I was a silly five-year-old or something. I totally need to buy me a flashlight so I can read under the covers.


Anonymous said...

Wait until you see how it ends!!!! I read it the moment it came out. You know they make these little reading lights that clip right to the book, KH couldn't complain about that!


Anonymous said...

I know I left a comment on this one but it didn't post. Wait until you see how the book ends! They do sell little lights that clip right to the book - KH wouldn't mind that - would he?


Aunt Kathy said...

Floral design--I know that's something you've wanted to do for a long time, and now to learn Japanese style--good for you!Can't wait to see one of those adorning my living room one day...

Congrats on the house!!!!!!!!!!