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Thursday, August 31

Things I Just Can't Understand

Twice now a truck has gone by with a loud speaker on top of it of which someone shouts out his message. It is usually around 9 a.m. It doesn't seem to be a truck selling anything or providing any service. I can only imagine they are spewing out political propaganda of which I can't understand. What do you think?

Our neighbor across our narrow street has swept the street in front of her curb and walkway three times today. Her walkway is covered in piles of dirt that come from a planter she was working with last week which has since been abandoned. She never sweeps the walkway. Just the street. What do you think?

Every day at exactly 5 pm, church bells ring just down the street. I have yet to see a church of which the sound is emitting. My understanding was that everyone here was pretty much either a practicing Buddhist or a disciple of Shintoism. Neither of which are likely to use a church bell. What do you think?

On a walk through town, I came across as ice cream shop today. At the counter, I ordered a vanilla cone. I was told there was vanilla or milk or mixed. I went with mixed and was handed a cone that was white on one side and cream colored on the other. The milk tasted like vanilla and the vanilla like another vanilla. Have I just lived through 33 years and not known that milk was vanilla? What do you think?

On that same walk through town, as I approached the center of the city of Zushi, a lovely calming country-esque kind of music could be heard. At my initial hearing, I thought it was live music from a nearby festival. Further investigation revealed that the sounds were coming from speakers on light poles. Perhaps more propoganda or are the people here really that into Zen? What do you think?

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