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Friday, July 28

Perhaps The Japanese Should Stay Off The Sidewalks

We spent our last day in class today and took the written part of the Japanese license testing. Of which, we only got to start studying yesterday. Or should I say... we were given the materials to study yesterday... and had every intention of doing so... but come 9 o'clock, we just went to bed and watched The Today Show live instead. Did I mention that The Today Show is on at night and Jay Leno and David Letterman are on starting at 6 a.m.? I love starting the morning out with sick humor instead of that fluffy crap. Anyway, I digress. So this morning, I had to study like mad. I have honestly learned nothing from my friend back home. (JoLynn, will you maybe call me and give me a boot?)

As we took the test, I seriously believed I had failed. Everyone had told us how easy it was! Big. Fat. Liars. And we weren't the only ones concerned. I think even the instructer thought he had a room full of lost causes.

He called out the ten numbers of the people who had failed and KH and I let a shout of joy out to hear we weren't on that list.

Now comes the funny part. The driving part is on Monday afternoon. Can anyone guess how many times I have been behind the wheel since I got here? Did you guess none? Good for you. Now can you guess how many times I will be behind the wheel by Monday afternoon? Again none? Man, you're good. Give yourself a cookie.

Do you not think that it is rather ridiculous that the first time I will be behind the wheel, driving on the wrong side of the road and in the wrong side of the car will be for my actual Driving test?? I love how the government works.

Do keep your fingers crossed. I need that license or I think I will die. I am not exaggerating either.

Since we got here, we don't have our own home, our own stuff or our own car. If I don't get something to give me a little bit of that old independent feeling back, I am packing what little I do have here and heading back to the U.S. We still have a home there, remember?! Oh, I didn't mention that... the condo is still not sold. Talk about stress. And halfway around the world, there ain't nothing you can do about that. (Unless you know of someone who would like to purchase a pretty little condo in northern Virginia? No? Then what good are you?)

On a more fun note though, it is the weekend! And everybody is working for the weekend!

We actually have plans, too! Which means more nonsense to spout out on the internet. And who doesn't love nonsense on the internet?

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