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Tuesday, September 19

Beautiful Possessions, Beautiful People

Maybe I can't buy clothes here because I can't fit them, but no one said I couldn't fit into... furniture! (HAHAHA for those of you who will really get this as a joke! Sick-o's.)

This past weekend there was another furniture fundraising sale (they happen about every other weekend). This one being held for the Red Cross and I did indeed help set up for the sale. Which meant that I got to check out everything first!

Prices were dropped on Sunday and look it this pretty little cabinet that practically jumped into my box car, begging to go home with me. It is not actually a Japanese piece as one would expect I would buy living in Japan (don't worry... not done yet), but instead a replica of a cabinet from the Ching Dynasty of China's highly respected history.

It is a wood stained very dark, almost black and then painted with a yellow background and red and gold butterfly accents. I absolutely fell in love with it.

It reminds me of my dear aunt who sadly left my life too quickly. She had a love of butterflies. For the rest of my life, I will never forget that. Or her. Any time I see one, painted or just fluttering about, I am reminded of the wonderful presence she was in my life. It's almost like she is reaching down and touching my soul. Did you ever love and admire and respect someone so much that you will just never be able to let them go, even when they are gone and have been for a very long time?

On top of the cabinet, if you look very carefully, you will see another cherished possession. A lavendar painted music box from my mother with butterflies on it. It plays "Wind Beneath My Wings" and makes me cry when I play it.

There aren't many things I will drag around the world on my adventures. But these two will always have a seat right beside me on the plane. Along with the memories of the beautiful people behind behind them.


Alex said...

This is nice piece of furniture:))))
Regarding your musical the end of the day this is everything we have in our lives; Memories for the people that have touched us. Everything else is just a temporary possessions.

Anonymous said...

this is gorgeous!! great find. i love it