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Sunday, September 24

Looking For Your Religion?

Who knew?! The Jehovah's Witness are alive and doing quite well here in Japan!

I was sitting down to write out thank you cards when our doorbell rang. I pressed the intercom and said "konnichiwa" and got a stream of Japanese back at me. I said "wait a minute, kudasai" (yes, I mix English and Japanese constantly) and went to the door. The minute she realized I wasn't from around these parts, she summoned her husband over who was working the other side of the street. He asked if I knew of Jehovah's Witness from America and I said yes. He put away the Japanese booklet he had and pulled out his only English copy and handed it to me. He then asked if I would like a visit once a month. I said that I would first rather read the information.

Now before you ask... no. I do not want to become a Jehovah's Witness. But I do like a good read. Plus, I am always curious about other religions... particularly those that seem so out of place in the land of the rising sun.

But if any of my fellow neighbors here are interested, I can point the people at my doorstep to yours. You just let me know.


Anonymous said...

love the new design of your blog!! it's so pretty :)


Rick and Amy said...

Oh no, Karen... You took the material?? I think that means you have officially opened your home to them... Rick did that about a year ago and had a five-minute conversation with them outdoors. Now, once a month they come by for a visit.