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Monday, September 25

Wake Up! Or It's Slice And Dice For You!

Traveling back down Blue Street last night (nicknamed that because of the blue stones embedded in the street), after eating one of the hottest meals I have ever let pass my lips at our favorite Thai place (we ordered medium hot and I think we should stick with the mild hot… at least at this place where they are very chili heavy-handed) (notice I am rather big on the parenthesis today?) (What’s up with that?), we passed a souvenir shop that I have often window shopped at. They carry kokeshi dolls, watches, clocks and various other small chintzes. As I glanced in the window, this time my eyes fell upon something new! Something exciting! A Samurai alarm clock! It was love at first Samurai sighting. Seeing the sale price, Kimono Hubby okayed my obvious whimsy and after spending the next few moments jumping up and down, I ran in to purchase my prize.

For the first time ever, my new alarm clock went off this morning and I didn’t grumble. Not even the tiniest bit! I laughed! My Samurai clock had started playing its very loud and triumphant horn music, said something to me in Japanese (which I am hoping wasn’t anything crude.) (But then again, what do I care if I don’t understand it?) (It somehow makes whatever it is saying okay when you haven't a clue what that is, doesn’t it?) Clearly off track today… when he stopped speaking, I could unmistakably hear the swish-swish-swish of his Samurai sword as he announced it was time for me to “Wake up! Or I’ll slash you like you were sushi!”

Coolest. Clock. Evah.

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