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Friday, September 15

Big Dumb Dummy Dumb-Dumb

Am really dumb. Sometimes. So I was typing the previous post all nice and pretty like when I accidentally deleted the whole stinking blog. Yep. Dumb. It took me a little while but I figured out where it went and I got it back up and running. All while you lay snuggled in your beds.

Then a funny thing... while I was putting it back, I discovered what the problem was with the comments for the past month. Yes, I ignored the problem for a whole month and only fixed it now because I happened to come across the answer. Haaa.

So I sincerely apologize and appreciate every single one of them! I read them all and I even wrote a few responses.

Sorry for my ineptitude but the problem has been fixed. Well, kind of. You see, am still incompetent. Actually, that isn't the only problem. I have to publish comments myself so they won't automatically show up when you enter it. I can't figure out why just yet but I will work on it... maybe next month. But I promise not to block your comment unless you call me a dummy. Because only KH can get away with that without losing teeth.

Write away, my friends!

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