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Tuesday, October 10

Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

You may or may not have noticed that I have been altering some things on this site. For totally selfish reasons, of course! 1) To make it purr-ty. And 2) to make it easier for you and me. Double bonus, right?

If you haven’t noticed anything specific beyond the look of the page… one of the first things I did was to add a photos link on the side bar. This will give you access to all the pictures I would typically overwhelm your inboxes with. (Bosses everywhere can thank me!) Now you can view at your leisure instead of having to rifle through hundreds of photos of one little shrine I saw and just loved and forced it on you until you wanted to lose your religion. Of course, I am no where near done with the uploading of the actual pictures yet. Oh, no! Didn’t think I would be that on the ball, did you? Be patient. They should all be there by the end of this week.

People also ask occasionally if there is anything I need that I can’t get here. EVERYTHING! is what I want to say. Finding deodorant is a hell of a task in a Japanese drug store. I’ll tell you now… send anything your little heart desires. To help with narrowing the search down a little, I added a link to my wish list in the sidebar for your ease. I’ve had the list for a few years but only few know about it. (Hi, moms!) If you do send a care package and it happens to have chattering teeth in it, I may rank you up there with one of the greatest friends ever... who sent me just that with a note on it that read “I saw this and thought of you. It’s perfect since I miss your chatter.” (Thanks, BB!)

Of course we all know that I can’t get my hands on enough books… ever. Especially here where I can neither read backwards nor read the chicken scratch like etchings of the beautiful Japanese language. I added another little sidebar link showing what I am reading these days. Please take a look and let me know if you have any recommendations. My “to read” list is always able to handle a few more suggestions. I’ll just have to up the amount I read to 25 books a year. Gah. Seriously, I will read all recommendations and just neglect some of my own additions if necessary.

And while we are speaking of recommendations, I’m missing American radio. A lot. And TV. And wings. And football. And shopping. Oh… hi! Sorry I got a little distracted for a second. Is there something that you love to listen to lately and would like to share? All types of music are enjoyed here in the Kimono household. I typically listen to melancholy alternative and indie rock but I will never shun a good new artist. I did happen to come across the new song by Snow Patrol called “Chasing Cars” and can’t stop listening to it on repeat. Somebody stop me and give me a new song before my neighbors do me in with a sashimi knife.

Any other changes you think I need to make? Not that I will do it. But I will take it into consideration, of course.


Anonymous said...

Is that the Rosetta Stone in the background pic???? Have you been practicing? :)

Anonymous said...

Love the photos, looks like old times to me. I wonder if the little local train still runs around Kamakura? We called it the "2-train" as it always had but two cars.

Kimono Karen said...

Yep it's Rosetta and nope I haven't practiced.

Don't know about the train but I will have to ask around. I did finally drove over that way but I got lost coming home. I have a slight idea of where I was. *sigh*