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Tuesday, October 24


For years my mother has challenged me with the line, “You’re just like your father!” I never understood that as I was always trying so hard to be more like her.

I have only recently begun to realize the profound sphere of influence that my father has had on who I am. Of course we are products of what are parents instilled in us through their teachings and love. We get the unique opportunity to meld together both mom and dad’s individual characteristics into hopefully a nice, little package that they can be proud of. We also appreciate each of our parent’s for their uniqueness that they have shared with us and at the same time hope that we have managed to rid ourselves of traits that we may find less favorable for our own selves.

My father is a tough man. He has an extremely gentle side which comes through quickly to children and animals but he does his best to never show it to anyone over the age of 12. My dad is extremely intelligent. He’s clever. He’s hard working. He’s reliable. He’ also a little crazy, but in a good way. He’s not someone who wants to have long conversations. But the words he shares are important and should be listened to carefully. I’ve done just that for years but never realized until recently how much those few words sink down deep into me and I find myself working hard without conscious knowledge to please this man and make him proud of me.

He turns 60 today. That number somehow snuck up on me and I didn’t even realize it was here until two short days ago. When did the man I hold in such revere get to be 60 and how did he do it without me noticing?

He hates celebrations especially those in honor of himself. My mother and I once surprised him with a birthday party that he spent the entire time muttering the word ‘bitches’ under his breath and has yet to forgive us for throwing. To have friends and family in one room honoring the remarkable person my father is, that’s just the way it should be. If I could, I would throw a party for him every year to remind him what he means to so many… even if he never wants to hear it. I would be there to mark this decade date with him today.

I can’t fly home every time I want to. But I can tell those that I love, and especially my dad on this very day, that you are so deep in my heart… and in who I am today.

A very happy 6th decade to you, Dad.


Mike S said...

Wish your dad happy birthday from one of the 60 and over crowd. The little fish-shaped dough things in your last post, if they're kinda like pancakes with a brownish filling, it's sweet soybean paste. Really pretty good. My kids made sure I was never allowed to pass one of those stands without buying them some.

Kimono Karen said...

Thanks, Mike! We thought because of the fish shape that they were yet another biproduct. But I have heard that soybean pastries are delicious and I am now eager to try them the next time we find them!