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Friday, October 6

I Got It, I Got It, I Got It!

I’m so excited I can barely breathe right now. After a week’s worth of uploading various programs, opening up portals for hundreds of viruses, running scan after scan to clean our system up… I finally got it!


There were only two things I really, really hated the idea of giving up to move here. Lost and Gilmore Girls. I still don’t have Gilmore Girls but I have Lost, baby! I managed to upload it virus-free less than an hour ago and watched it the second that status changed to “file complete.”

Was Carl a plant? Is the same guy on Jake’s operating table the burly guy in the Others camp? Who the hell are the Others anyway? Ben?… and that look? Sawyer and Kate… still seriously ick. Cannot stand Sarah and her cold-hearted, bitchy self. How dare she dis beautiful Jake. The other guy wasn’t even cute! I honestly think I’m dying here over having just watched what I did. I know I am days late (not for lack of trying remember) but let’s talk. I desperately want to discuss and I’m so missing Thursday lunch chats with Lanie. But I’ve seen it and I’m ready now.

While you are all still sleeping, I’m going to head over and read spoilers and fan sites until I collapse.

And if anyone tapes Gilmore Girls… send it now! Pretty please?

And I promise not to talk about Lost every week. At least not here. Be prepared for emails though.


Anonymous said...

it took everything I had to contain that info until you saw it! I am so glad you got it though..Sawyer and Kate=YUMMY! You know you secretly love it!How about the little town they live in???

Anonymous said...

I love "Lost". It's one of my favorite show.