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Wednesday, October 18

Ikebana Arrangement #8

This morning I woke up at 7:45. I'm usually up by 7:30 but aware as I was that I was already past my internal alarm time, I decided that I could benefit from another fifteen minutes. Just when I shut my eyes, the third earthquake (that I have felt) hit. It was definitely God's way of rousing me. And it worked. I got dressed, whitened my teeth, wash-and-waxed my JapaCapaBox and then went to class. The excitement in my life just never stops.

I am pretty proud of this one though. I think it's extra special pretty. I think it's the big balls.

Slanting Style - Arrangement #8


Mike S said...

Karen; if you take the train to Tokyo and transfer to the green train that runs around the city(name eludes me) go to the Ueno station. As you exit the station the Ueno Zoo, Japan's best, is right across the street. There's (or was) a museum there also. Great day trip. How can ya run outta gas? They got zillions of gas stations. Just get enough to get home.
Nice arranging by the way.

Kimono Karen said...

I've heard of that zoo but we were under the assumption that this one was bigger. We'll be using your recommendation for our next zoo day!