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Tuesday, October 17

With Mine Own Eyes

I would never have believed it to be true if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes today. Sitting in traffic on Route 16, about to enter into a tunnel and there standing at the edge of archway in plain view was a man urinating. Not even close to the wall or hiding behind a tree! Just standing there in his khakis, dress shirt and tie, pants unzipped and relieving himself for all the passersby to see. I heard that people weren’t shy about doing this but I kind of thought in a land where politeness reigns king today, that this may be one of those past acts long unseen for the common good. How very wrong I was. I seriously hope that I never find a woman here dropping ‘trou’ in a similar fashion.

In other news today, I happened to be on my way to the Hayama Art Museum for the second try. I’ll open the table for bets now on whether or not it was actually open and we actually went in.

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