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Thursday, October 5

Completely Unimportant Information That I Felt I Just Had To Share

Back in June, I saw my eye doctor back home for the last time. After a thorough exam, I was handed a new prescription. One that would hopefully stop the headaches that were popping their ugly, little faces up every time I turned around. And what did I do with that prescription? I put it in my purse and didn’t touch the silly paper again. Psssh. I don’t need new glasses when my old ones work perfectly fine. I don’t even mind the piece of tape in the middle. But the headaches… well, them I mind.

So today I broke down and bought some shiny new four eyes. The very best part – red, they are! Yes, I jumped on the bandwagon of trendy googlies and I love them! I have even overlooked the hair fiasco because of my now prettied eyes. (Okay, maybe I made an appointment for next week – but I AM overlooking until then!) And that, folks… that is the end of today’s useless information sharing.

I want to go put these new eye babies to better use than looking up porn.


Lisa said...

RED!! My favorite color. I love them...they are delish! You hot trendy woman you!

Alex said...

Is it just me or is it getting really hot in here? Nice red eye babies...:)

Anonymous said...

love the glasses. you look so skinny in this pic. are you eating? Japan is suiting you!! good job BB!