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Sunday, October 15

Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs

One of my favorite things to do here is to get in my car and take a long drive. Not something the Japanese do much as most are much more reliant on train service. I’m getting better with the trains but I just feel that you miss so much of the experience when you are whisking by areas at top speed and barely seeing those little neighborhoods around you.

While out running errands on Friday, I went to pull out of the Livin parking lot (aka Japanese Wal-sucking-mart) (…of which I found not a single thing on my list) and make my usual right turn back towards home when Jesus seemed to take the wheel and I made a left instead. I drove to the end of the peninsula, laughing at the gas gauge on “E” the whole time. (Hey… you know what… I just realized that they use “E” for “Empty.” Why does my Japanese box car have kanji everywhere else but English on the gauges? Interesting. Anyway…) I knew I was taking a risk that I would run out of gas and be stranded somewhere that I wouldn’t be able to give directions to. My course was a random one at best. But something in me did it anyway. Oh, yeah. Stupidity. Fortunately all panned out and I got to see this.

Now who was the genius that must have experienced something he/she shouldn’t have to deem placing this sign in this worthy place? And they nicely put it in English as well for those of us who would otherwise stand there gaping at the sea.
“When you feel an earthquake move away from the seashore and evacuate to a safe place”

Beautiful rustic beach and town though… called Kannonzaki. Wouldn’t imagine it is an older town if this sign was positioned due to incident however.

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