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Wednesday, October 4

Ikebana Arrangement #6… And Some Mushy Stuff

The first thing I have to say is… truly… my cup runneth over. The comments of kindness you wrote and the thoughtful, loving words via email after my last post seriously brought tears to my eyes. If you ever need a boost to your self-esteem, I highly recommend this blogging stuff. I am continually amazed at the reaction I get to my random stringing of words into somewhat coherent sentences. Thank you all for making me feel so very inspired. And more importantly, so very touched.

Other than school stuff and trying to get a substitute teachers job (50 page application – bah!), I have haven’t had much time for fun this week. Tomorrow I even get the joy of getting fingerprinted! So no fun stuff to report so far this week. However, we are trying to get to Disneyland this weekend, weather permitting. A first for me! Yes, what a sad case I am… never went to Disneyland back home and had to come the whole way to Tokyo to do so. I’m going to be such a kid again and pictures with Mickey and Minnie will be a must. I will hunt their butts down, I tell you.

As it is Wednesday, it is Ikebana day in my world… class number six and second in the Slanting style. I only had to move one tiny thing once I had completed the arrangement. Things are starting to appear to me as I am composing and I correct mistakes on my own now. Whomever the first smarty was that sad ‘practice makes perfect’, I commend you.

Today’s lesson was actually a workshop where about ten students from the Yokohama school joined our small class. Workshop I found out also means certificates. Though none for me yet. I need three months of classes to reach my first certificate but I’m plowing away to get there. They were wrapped in a red folder with a golden emblem on them and each student that earned their latest level had their picture taken with Sensei as she presented it. As if I needed more motivation than just really loving floral design, seeing that certificate made me a very greedy girl. Come on November!

I leave you with the latest: a creation of bandanas (the long leaves), wax flowers (the tiny purple ones) and white Sukashi lilies.

Slanting Style – Arrangement #6

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