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Thursday, June 29

All Gone Except For One Smelly Bra

We are now totally computerless at home. Do you know what this means? No more daily writing. It’s been only one day since all was moved and I can describe how last night was and what future nights will be like in one word… abysmal. I was made to watch five hours of Ultimate Fighting. Please tell me how to make this stop. I don’t want to share the television! I want to watch what I want to watch! This is completely unfair. *feet stamping and pouting commence*

I tried to waste time sitting at dinner last night. I took the longest time with the chewing just to avoid what was waiting for me at home. Or should we say what wasn’t waiting at home. Because there really is nothing. I really wish this was an exaggeration.

It is so hard to even find clothes in my luggage. So for the past three days, I wore the same outfit. While your gag reflexes probably just checked in, I did find the bag that holds my underwear and I changed them. That should count for something. The bra wasn’t so lucky though. I don’t even think this one will be worth saving. I’m pretty sure I can’t wash the stink out of it at this point.

And the rain. Good God the rain. Why does it rain every time we move? Roads were flooded everywhere. Businesses were shut down. Admittedly, I was so glad I wasn’t sitting in beltway traffic when they closed it down Monday morning at the exact time I would have tried to go through there to get to work. But moving in the rain isn’t a picnic either. The movers were soaked and I never did figure out if it was sweat or rain. Either way, I just sat there cringing and silently begging them not to brush the walls on their way in our out.

The movers were completely scary… the kind of guys you don’t want to meet in a dark alley without an Uzi… or whatever the “in” weapon of choice is these days. The one told me how he has a “4-bedroom house with a pool but he can’t keep it no longer because the friend he bought it with is going to jail and he don’t have no cash to cover it without him.” He also told me about his three babies with three mothers and how the ho’ he was with now was sleeping around on him. This because she wouldn’t answer her cell and go pick up his babies like he done told her to. Mover buddy tried to calm his ass down without much success. Major drama happenings in our little suburbia.

They did pack everything pretty quickly although I am quite certain that several things will not survive the trip. I don’t want to think about that just yet.

3 weeks and 2 days left. The to-do list is almost done. Work is winding down. I’m forcing myself to maintain some motivation but it is dwindling quickly. I just want to GO already! I’m so sick and tired of the planning. Hey! How do I get me one of them there universal remotes? I promise not to damage Hasselhoff’s face any more than the plastic surgeons already did! I’m just in need of One. Good. Fast-Forward. “Click!”


Anonymous said...

Hey there... what a week for you! wow. I bet three weeks can seem like forever at this point but I promise it will fly by. Give me a call if you need a break from Greg's favorite TV programming :)

Anonymous said...

The title alone has deterred me from reading this entry...