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Friday, June 23

Beer Me!

Can I just tell you how very excited I am for this weekend’s brouhaha? I really, really am! No one likes a party better than me. And especially when it is for me! Oh yeah… me and that other dude. What’s his name again?

The party will be extra special good because it will be with my family! Even though they are all completely crazy, I totally love the lot of them. We don’t get a chance to get everyone together often. You know… family’s grow up, move away, have babies and ultimately end up focusing on their smaller inner circles. These opportunities where all the extensions are together are rare and wonderful.

Oh, sure. Someone will do something to upset so-and-so. That is to be expected. But then you have a story for the next time everyone is together. Like… remember when my parent’s threw a little family shindig and a bull (yes, a BIG cow) came running out of the woods. And then some of my drunker cousins led by my father decided to try to wrestle the bull to the ground? Or remember the time we had that party where the next morning, there were people sleeping in the front yard? And then the school bus came to pick up my brother and I? And the other kids wondered why people were sleeping there? Or remember the time I threw a party for a handful of friends and about 100 people showed up? And then my friend stripped down to nothing so she wouldn’t puke up hotdogs onto her pretty outfit or even her skivvies? And mom stayed in the kitchen cutting up little carrot and celery sticks for people while my dad and brother broke up fights that were started because of the naked lady in the bathroom window? I love parties back home.

And this will be no exception! I guess one would call this a kind of “get lost, and here’s a drunken boot in your ass to help you along your way” party. “See you in three stinking years... if you’re lucky and I can remember your name until then.” Hopefully that really isn’t what you are all thinking. But I wouldn’t put it past a single one of you.

So tomorrow there will be beer and barbeque and deviled eggs and even that Nilla Wafers and banana dessert I loved as a kid. Well, only if I am a good girl, mommy says. More importantly, it will be one more opportunity to get those I love into one place. That alone is the best cause for celebration.

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Anonymous said...


I hope you have a great time this weekend. I wish Nick and I could have come. Chicago is nice but not the same as D.C. Talk soon...