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Tuesday, June 20

The Longest Day

Things I did yesterday. Started training another person as my replacement. Yes, that makes two that are now handling my clients. I am feeling a little like the bomb diggity for this fact. What I do find tricky is the training of two at a time. Couldn’t talk by the time I left work without garbling through a mouthful of lozenges. Left work in glorious sunshine only to arrive at my destination five miles (and forty minutes) away to torrential downpours. I called and said to have a seat at the bar and I would be in when the rain slowed. Got very impatient as is expected from me. So I took off my pretty kitten heels and decided to make a run for it through the parking lot. Walked through the front door of the restaurant looking like a drowned cat trying out for her first wet t-shirt contest. My white blouse was soaked through and you could see my bra. And it wasn’t one of the prettier ones. Went into the bar amidst fifty comically staring eyes to meet my date. He was not my husband. Don’t worry… Kimono Hubby was on a date too. Although he denies that description. My date would not hug me. Guess he isn’t into slick honeys. Dried on the outside while we dined but only got wetter on the inside with the beers. Left late and headed in the direction of home. Made one stop to do the final wheeling and dealing and sold my truck. Progress! But I cried. Just a little. And I left lipstick soaked kisses on the steering wheel. Finally walked in the door. Ran straight for the bathroom and peed for twenty minutes. Or so it felt like. Changed into warm pjs and curled up to watch a Japanese horror flick. You know it was scary if you were reading the stupid movie and you still jumped. Went to bed way too late and dreamt about being slaughtered. A lot. Woke up really wishing KH was never away at night. And that I wasn’t dumb enough to watch horror movies alone.

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