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Thursday, June 15

I (apparently) heart the pee-pee

Already a slacker, yes I am, for not posting today. And pointed out it was! Just this evening indeedy-o. So here is your freaking post. Work was hell. Nothing seemed to go my way or even get close to being completed. I may or may not have even cried in front of the boss man when he told me that the company would always have a place for me when I moved back to the states, right after telling me they hired a replacement. Then I had plans to hang out with my friend Yang-me and we somehow ended up with a group of friends. She and I drank Komaniwanalaya's like they were going out of style and it took me some time to even pronounce that correctly to the waiter who I am sure had a grand time laughing at me for not understanding what exactly I was ordering. And then she may have written "Karen licks it" and drew various sized penises all over my hand. The same hand that was planning on getting a manicure tomorrow... only if the pen comes off now. This is what happens after a few cocktails. May I never drink again. The end and good night.


Anonymous said...

ohhhh you know you liked it....haha..the things we do when we drink! It's called stress relief and apparently we had plenty of it!

Lisa said...

I'm not entirely sure what to say about this blog, except that I hope this "hearting the pee-pee" thing isn't a new revelation for you!!! Just kidding - I do have to say that is some interesting art work on your hand. I don't think that there is a single recognizable penis on there. Maybe after I toss back a few of those komaniwanalaya's I'll take a second look.