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Monday, June 5

Theme Me!

I think I have confirmed another little issue in my state of being. I have a notion problem. Hello, my name is Karen and I am a notion addict. You know what I mean… I get a notion stuck in my little noggin and I just can’t seem to let it go. I beat it and beat it and beat it into just another dead horse. You all have seen me do it.

Okay, you might be more accurate to say that I have a functional brain ailment. As in, mine isn’t quite functioning. Remember back in the days of record players when you would be sitting in your room listening to your favorite Andy Gibb album imaging you were kissing him by a pale blue Italian stream? And then the record would skip and Andy was left repeating “what a fool, what a fool, what a fool…” as your stream dissolved into the lavender shag rug on your bedroom floor. You see, my brain works like that record player. It even sometimes takes someone smacking me in the head to make the final jump to the next point in the song. Literally.

So a few years ago I got a notion that I needed to have a theme song. God only knows where this stuff ever comes from and how it sticks inside my head with the force that it does. But I found myself with a need so strong, for a tune meant just for me. I dragged out over 1,000 cds from under my bed and started going through the crates, trying to find that quintessential song that just screamed “KAREN! I LOVE YOU!” Lo and behold I found that Len really did make that song and it was meant for the one and only me! It seemed… but it really wasn’t. (Too drug infused.)

Then I tried “Baby Got Back”. While this was suitable in a literal sense, I wasn’t sure I like what it said about my overall music prudence. The succession of testings included: “I’m Too Sexy” (too obvious), “Ring of Fire” (too drunk), “Fast As You Can” (too angry), “Brain Damage” (too f-ed up in the head), “One Way or Another” (too desperate), “Dancing Queen” (too gay… in the happy sense), “Freak on a Leash” (too close to the truth).

There was one though that stuck out in my mind and made me all warm and fuzzy inside every time I had heard it. “Everyday” by Dave Matthews Band. Sheer perfection if not slightly cheesy compared to DMB’s earlier musings. But so it was adopted nonetheless. My one and only theme song. Oh, how I love thee! But do you know what is funny? Now that I had it, what the hell do I do with it? Absolutely, peanut butter on bananas, nothing!

And yet I find myself wanting a new one. Because the record that I call my brain is apparently skipping again. This time it should be a moving on song. Something that shows all of my love, all of my odium and all of my reverence that goes along with this big relocation.

I have tried on many a song. “Moon River” (probably why the damn thing is so high on the Ipod rotation right now), “I’ll Be Around” (whenever we get a phone and computer hook-up, I’ll be around then anyway), “Let it Be” (kind of makes me bawl really loudly so not my first or favorite choice), “Good Riddance” (because I certainly have had the time of my life here in DC). While these all touch on my current feelings, I still don’t think I have found that one song to complete my thoughts these days. I’m still on the hunt!

I am absolutely certain that I am not the only crazy one out there. Especially if you are friends with me, know that you were picked for a reason. While I may be slightly more intense then most when it comes to my fancy fixations, I am definitely not the only one having them. What makes your brain tap along to the beat? What song gets you moving or makes you smile or makes you feel all sexed up? And if anyone has a suggestion for a new song for me, let me know! I also wouldn’t mind if you have a prescription for Xanax that you would like to share. Or do they give you something else for voices in your head?

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Anonymous said...

The songs of my like change every few years. It started with "Angel Eyes" (The Jeff Healey band) while trying to find love. I wanted that song to be me. Then one day at work I found him! Then it changed to "Good Morning Beautiful"(Steve Holy) because getting up next to him was the best and still is. Right now my song is "The Good Stuff"(Kenny Chesney). I have got the best out of that song and I can't wait to do the rest. "Good Morning Beautiful" is still there except now it includes a smaller version who usually takes up all of the bed with his feet in my face. "The Good Stuff" is my main theme song, but "One Hot Mama" (Trace Akins) will soon be my in a close running for it. I will be thin again one day....yes I will.