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Monday, June 12

Miss Manners Does A Table

Some important tips and info that Miss Kimono Manners would like to share with you so you don't embarrass her at the knee-high table:

Did you know that it is bad manners not to eat everything on your plate? Try licking the bowl to get out all of the rice. Go on… no one will notice.

Did you know that it is customary to always serve another their alcoholic beverage before serving yourself? If someone wants to refill your glass, you should quickly empty the glass before holding it out to be filled. Seriously? Are they all drunks?

Did you know that you should not drink until everyone at the table has a filled glass and a toast is offered? And don’t yell out the “chin chin” toast as this refers to the male genitals. Unless you are looking for a date.

Did you know that you are supposed to eat your sushi in one bite? For little people, they must have very big mouths.

Did you know when eating noodles, you should coax them into your mouth with your chopsticks using a controlled, quiet sucking, copying the slurping noises of those around you? If they are slurping quietly and yet you are supposed to listen and do as they do, how close do you get before you get splashed?

Did you know that you should not pass food from your chopsticks to someone else’s? This is only done at funerals where the bones are passed from person to person that way. Wow! Chopsticks are truly multifunctional!

Did you know that you should not point at people, stab your food or play samurai with your chopsticks? You could poke an eye out. Or *gasp* even offend someone.

Did you know that it is not common to tip in Japan? When leaving, say “gochisosama deshita!" which means “here’s to no tip for you!” Or it could mean “thank you for the meal”. Me Japanese no too good yet.

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