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Monday, June 19

Scratching The Important Stuff Off The List

Exactly seven shopping days left before they pack my crap and send it half way around the world. I am in a serious state of tizzy.

To calm myself down, I went to the mall yesterday with BB and bought as much as I could possibly find to properly fill those boxes. I bought an outfit to wear on the plane… because I totally needed something new to wear for our 15 hour flight that said sexy world traveler in her favorite pretty jammies. I bought Washington Nationals t-shirts for myself and KH because we have gone to something like ONE game (and that was only on Friday). Bu again, I felt like we totally needed something that said we lived here in this great nation’s hometown city. Once we get to Japan, how many want to place a bet that I buy some crap like a stupid Tokyo Typhoons t-shirt? I guess the Nationals tees are an entirely cooler idea than the “F.B.I. – Female Body Inspector” T-shirts with DC slapped underneath to acknowledge that receipt happened in our lovely Capitol. I don’t see how anyone would feel this was a proper tee to acknowledge a trip but someone must be buying the crap because they can be found on every freaking street corner for a “2 fer 10 dolla” deal. Then I bought an American flag T-shirt for KH because I am feeling suddenly extremely nationalistic. I did find a tee for myself that said “I Love Tokyo” with a little, round sumo wrestler but was talked down on that one and instead opted for the bright green “Cool Cucumber” tee… because I am cool like that. I certainly can’t forget that other shirt that I bought that I think will fit into my new zen style nicely. Well, as soon as I buy some zen-like pants to wear with it.

Let me not forget to tell you that I went shopping on Friday as well and got an adorable tee with a lobster on it. Do they even have lobster in Japan? Oh! And two sweatshirts, both navy, both zip up, one for myself and one for KH… because we totally needed them and didn’t have a single sweatshirt already. Ahem.

Is this enough, you say? Absolutely not. Banana Republic is only four blocks from my office, Ann Taylor comes in at five and Ann Taylor Loft at seven. I think if I hit each one at lunch, each day of this week, I might feel like I am ready to go and have enough clothes to wear a different outfit every day for the rest of my life… or at least the first year in Japan. And if not, there is also a Gap and a Nine West marking themselves in at three short blocks. I have five days this work week and I intend to take care of some serious business. Who the hell cares that the “to do” list isn’t getting shorter anyway? Isn’t being protected from nakedness more important to worry about?

And they say I have a problem.

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JL said...

Oh yes, this is definitely the important stuff on the to do list! Much more fun though by far. But does that mean that anything we get you after one week's time will not go to Japan with you?