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Thursday, June 8

A Call for the Raw

I can’t wait to eat real Japanese sushi! And I mean the really real stuff. Where a man who works a corner sushi shop in Tokyo on the humid July afternoon slaps some cold, dead fish on top of some rice, ties it together with seaweed, splashes some fish eggs over it and calls his art “lunch”. Who cares what the fish is?! Like my lame American taste buds would know the difference anyway. Just has to be raw and really fishy and I will be perfectly content. Poor Kimono Hubby, though. He will starve if there aren’t other options. That guy will eat NOTHING raw. Nothing a little bloody even. I have never figured out how he has lived all of these years without eating nice, rare, bloody steak that just dissolves in your mouth. Aside: Vegans, please don’t collapse in a pool of revulsion and loathing. I can’t help being a carnivore! My parents raised me on hotdogs. And we all know what they are made out of.

As the adventurers that we like to think we are, we like to try different food. (I can honestly say, though, that I will never eat Ethiopian again. As Kimono Hubby stated, why the hell would you think it was a good idea to eat Ethiopian when the country is known for starving? He has a very good point.) We have tried many, many Japanese restaurants. But the funny thing is, we never ever eat anything but the sushi! And for KH, it’s always a California roll. But just how does one order a California roll in Japan, I’d like to know?

The Japanese establishments we have tried certainly have carried other menu items. We honestly could not name a single one of those other things. I can say that I really dig the edamame! But one shouldn’t live on dead fish and soy beans alone. When we do head for Japanese place, we have every intention of experiencing a new menu item, but somehow always end up with a plate of sushi. Why mess with perfection? Plus, I don’t think KH can eat anything else with chopsticks. I’m going to have to sneak that boy a fork into every restaurant.

Either we really aren’t the adventurers we like to think we are or we just really like cold, stinky, dead fish.

So if anyone can recommend another dish we should try, let me know! Surprise, surprise – I’m making a list! I just don’t want to be known as the girl who thinks the McSushi at McDonalds is the authentic, good stuff.

I did watch a show the other week on the Travel channel… something like Weird Foods of Asia. If you suggest anything from that show, I will politely refuse. And then I will probably stop calling you my friend.

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